Application Teaching Guide

Welcome to GoGoABC! Your expertise and passion for education are invaluable to us. This platform, affiliated with NEONSAIL, LLC and governed by the laws of Delaware, USA, is dedicated to providing quality education globally.


1. Due to historical event repetitions, we want to clarify: when you submit your application, your account will be assigned the learner role initially. This allows you to manage your info and learn platform features. The teacher role is granted after approval. Some mistakenly register only as learners, leading to unintended account deletion requests. Please read this document carefully.

2. Please add this email address [ [email protected] ] to the whitelist, and the application result will be notified through this email address. We recommend that you use Gmail or Outlook to register.

3. If you would like to get an early understanding of the session system used in the teaching process, please click here. Because you cannot use it prematurely from other locations. Please don't wait until before the class to try to understand it.

Application Process

  1. Where to Start
  2. Please click the Apply To Teach button to register as a tutor. The SIGN UP button on the navigation bar is only for registering as a learner.

  3. Personal Info
  4. The term Photo ID refers to documents such as a passport, ID card, green card, driver's license, etc., and not a profile picture. It is not mandatory to submit and is only used for verification purposes, not for public display.
    If a profile picture is mistakenly submitted, we will assume that you have not read this document or that your reading level may not be suitable for teaching, resulting in the rejection of your teaching application.

  5. Profile Media
  6. It will be displayed to learners in the future, and you can modify it anytime on the dashboard.
    Profile Picture: Please use a clear and friendly picture, avoiding overly dark or bright.
    Introduction Video: Only valid YouTube video links that are publicly accessible can be filled in here. Please upload the video to YouTube first.
    The following actions may result in account suspension:
    - Uploading an introduction video that is not your own.
    - Using videos unrelated to teaching.
    - Displaying content in the video that competes with this website.
    - Using recordings of your past teaching sessions or content containing learners' portraits, which may be considered a violation of learners' privacy, even if you have obtained their consent.

  7. Set Language
  8. Language To Tutor refers to the languages in which you can offer your teaching services to learners. You can set multiple languages simultaneously based on your qualifications. If the language you want tutoring is not on the list, please contact us and we can add it for you.
    Language I Speak refers to the language you can use for basic communication. Learners typically appreciate receiving advice and encouragement in their native language.
    For example, a learner from Japan might prefer an English teacher who can also communicate in Japanese. Even if you only know a few sentences in Japanese, we still recommend selecting it.

  9. Add a Resume
  10. It will be displayed to learners in the future; highlight aspects that are advantageous to you to increase the chances of being booked.
    If you fail to submit a YouTube video and do not provide teaching-related certificates, your application will not pass the review.

  11. Wait for Approval
  12. We typically complete the review of teaching applications within 2 business days, but the processing time for non-English tutors may be longer. During this period, you can familiarize yourself with platform features or update certain settings by accessing the platform as a learner.
    Congratulations for reading this far. Some people, neglecting to read this document, mistakenly believe they've registered solely as learners and request the deletion of their accounts.

  13. Notification Email
  14. Upon approval, you will receive an email that looks like this. At the same time, it is recommended to add this email address [ [email protected] ] to the whitelist to receive system notifications.
    If you still missed or accidentally deleted the notification email, you can still log in to check if your application has been approved.

  15. Enter Tutor Dashboard
  16. Now, you can switch between the student and tutor roles at any time with one account having both roles, instead of creating two separate accounts.
    If you mistakenly click on the account deletion request, both roles will be removed.

  17. Account Settings
  18. Follow the prompts to complete your account setup. Ensure your timezone is correctly filled in to avoid missing class times.

  19. Multi Language Biography
  20. To ensure that novice learners can read your biography in their native language, we offer an automatic translation feature for biographies.
    You only need to follow the instructions in the image below to obtain an automatically generated translated version of your biography. Of course, if your proficiency in foreign languages is sufficient, you can also manually modify biographies in other languages.
    For example, when learners from China visit this website, they will see the Chinese webpage and your biography in Chinese. However, if you haven't filled in the Chinese translation, your biography will be blank on the Chinese webpage, rather than displaying the English version, and learners won't be able to see any biography.

  21. Set Rate
  22. Set your hourly rate and the duration of your sessions, and the system will automatically calculate the corresponding price.

  23. Set Calendar
  24. Set your calendar. Opening up more time slots will increase the chances of being booked more frequently.

  25. Check Your Profile
  26. When you see this prompt, it means you've completed all necessary settings to accept bookings. Please double-check your profile to ensure it is complete and effectively showcases your qualifications, experience, and teaching style.

    Now, learners can view your information on the platform and make bookings. You can search for your name here and check your public information.

Application Challenges Help

If you leave during the application form submission process, it may cause the webpage to display your account as not verified. Simply log in with your account credentials on the Login Page, and you will see a prompt in the upper right corner of the webpage. Click the Click Here link, and you will receive a new activation email.

After successfully logging in, returning to the Apply To Teach page will enable you to continue with the process or check the application results.

If you were rejected due to accidentally providing incorrect information, you still have two chances to resubmit.

If you have any other questions, please send us screenshots of web pages and questions.

Free Trial

All learners are entitled to schedule a Free Trial session. While the Free Trial itself may not generate immediate revenue, it serves as a gateway for tutors to secure long-term bookings from new learners.

To enhance your chances of being booked, we recommend that you proactively reach out to learners after they schedule a Free Trial. Engage in communication or conduct assessments to make an initial evaluation of the learner's abilities. Tailor your teaching approach based on their proficiency and interests. Leverage the Free Trial opportunity to showcase your strengths and charm, aiming to garner positive reviews and subsequent bookings. This strategic utilization of the Free Trial can significantly contribute to your success as a tutor.

Teaching Guidelines

Lesson Preparation: It is advisable to inquire and understand the learner's learning objectives and proficiency level before starting the class. This will help in planning your lessons and preparing teaching materials in advance. The platform does not provide teaching materials.

Multimedia Content: Utilize multimedia resources to assist students in better understanding complex concepts, enhancing learning effectiveness and making the lessons more engaging and interesting.

Feedback: Regularly check your messages to understand learners' needs and feedback, enhancing your interaction with learners.

Platform Features

App: You don't need to install any app; it operates entirely on the web page. But you can click on the PWA icon at the bottom left of the homepage to add it to your main screen for easy access.

Messaging: Use the built-in messaging system to communicate with learners. So that you can understand the situation of the learners and provide personalized teaching.

Session System: You can try the session system here. Recommend teaching through a computer or laptop, as it cannot screen share on iOS / iPadOS.

Teaching Format: The platform currently supports "1-on-1 tutoring" and "group classes tutoring." You can choose the teaching type based on your experience and preferences. To ensure teaching quality, "group classes tutoring" currently supports a maximum of four learners simultaneously.

Open Review Mechanism: Learners can provide feedback after the lesson, and this information will be displayed on your profile page.

System Security: Please refrain from refreshing web pages at a high frequency or opening multiple pages simultaneously within a short time. This may be considered a network attack and could result in restricted access.


Currency: The platform only supports the US dollar as the transaction currency, and the payment gateway will handle currency conversion for you. Therefore, we recommend prioritizing the use of a US dollar account to receive payments to avoid potential fees associated with currency exchange.

Commission: The platform will charge a standardized commission (35%) for newly registered tutors to support the operation of the platform. As the number of teaching sessions increases, the platform will reduce the commission rate for outstanding tutors. Please keep an eye on your dashboard for updates.

Withdrawal: The minimum withdrawal amount for each transaction is $30, with a minimum interval of 7 days between withdrawals. The payment gateway will charge fees per transaction. It is advisable to plan your withdrawal cycles accordingly.


For other details, please refer to the Online Tutoring Services Terms. If you have any questions or need assistance with anything, please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us. We are here to support you every step of the way.

Once again, welcome to GoGoABC, and let's work together to empower learners and make a positive impact on their education.